Multi-level Marketing

Sunevit provides a strong suite of services for designing powerful, feature rich web application for Network marketing business management. Our services are aimed at developing versatile solutions that will help you start running your network marketing, affiliate marketing and direct marketing campaigns quickly and at a lower cost. The tools we develop automate various aspects of the business, making it easy to run with little technical intervention and less administration effort.

Digital Publishing

More and more people use their mobile devices to get information and consume content. Publishing is becoming accessible to everyone, and many tech companies are catching up with this trend, developing numerous platforms and tools making the process seamless and versatile.
Sunevit helps large organizations and small publishers set up their digital ecosystem and start sharing the content.

Manufacturing & Logistics

Manufacturing companies are faced with challenges such as implementing lean manufacturing, region-specific procurement strategies, greater competition from global companies and higher costs of raw material.
Sunevit offers deep experience in numerous vertical industry sectors including food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, electronics, consumer goods, automotive and transportation.

Financial Services

We have been associated with a wide gamut of companies, from leading technology companies that provide packaged software solutions to financial services firms. Focus and specialization are the key to our success in the financial services industry.

Health & Safety

Health and Safety software runs the business side of healthcare, from logging and managing incidents, scheduling activities and managing actions, billing and generating monthly reports. The accuracy and versatility of your software is crucial in making sure that your office runs smooth. Sunevit provides innovative Health and Safety Management software solutions that help manage processes and drive operational performance.


Sunevit provides a comprehensive range of solutions for engineering businesses of all sizes. Our services cover all aspects of software development from smart design and architecture, to coding and development of complex software engineering projects in Solar Energy, Power, Parts Manufacturing, Chemical and Mining industries. These industries require specialized subject matter knowledge and powerful object-centric solutions with complex architectures.